Blend two separate materials on a single mesh?

Hi! I have a mesh with two material slots, so some faces are assigned to material A and others to material B. Problem is the seam between the materials on the mesh is quite visible. Is it possible to blend those two materials with some sort of alpha?
As I doubt this is feasible, an alternative could maybe be to have a single material with some parts working on some faces of the mesh and other parts working on other faces, maybe having two separate UVs?

You can create a layered material which will allow you to use a mask to blend between materials:

But–using multiple material slots or layered materials will result in additional draw calls (lower performance)
It’s more ideal if you can get the result you want in a single material by using texture maps. Remember in a material you can do quite a lot so on a basic level you can apply a UV channel to a specific texture map along with blending together textures in a Lerp node using a mask.

@darthviper107 : yes I think that’s what I need to do, instead of having two materials, I will have only one and use two “material layers” inside. My mesh will have a separate UV channel per material layer, so the latter will operate only on its dedicated UV channel. For the blending I guess I have to make an alpha map at the border of of UV set, not totally clear in my mind right now but will work on it :slight_smile: