Blend Texture without causing it to move

Hey forums,

I’m quite new to UE4 and would love some help with this problem I’m having.

I have a side scroller game that I want to overlay some paper texture with. However, I want it to seem like the character is traversing the paper (i.e. I want the paper texture being overlayed to remain stationary relative to the world coordinates), and the post-processing overlay blend doesn’t work for this.

I thought about making a wall with the paper directly in-front of the camera and making it translucent, but it causes the whole level to become “lightened” by the texture colour. I also tried making the background the texture and making the other materials translucent but the 3d models start to look like venn diagrams.

Any and all help would be immensely appreciated!


try this :

hope i helped you :wink:

It’s a good start for sure! But I need it to move when my camera moves. Is it possible to get any information about actors and their components in material blueprints?

i havent understood you ! you want it to move relative the world position or remain stationary ??

a video would help a lot

and for actor location try object position and world position

Sorry! My bad :slight_smile:

Here’s a video explaining what I’m looking for:

Just uploaded it so may need to be processed