blend materials vs set materials

I’m working on an arch vis project in VR, I need to switch between 4 materials per object.
I created a blueprint that handle the object, Collison, UI (3D clickable objects), materials, etc., until this moment I’ve found 2 ways for handling the materials switching:

  1. using set material node, 4 of them and keep switching between them per object.
  2. using material blend, I used 3 material blend nodes and 3 variables to control which to render

My question is which is better / lighter to use, set material or blend option?


  • I came from Unity, I remember unity does not handle material switching that good, so I need to ask just to know if switching materials over and over per object is heavy! I have calculated the load for the number of object and number of materials that going to be loaded in the scene but I don’t have the knowledge with BP material switching
  • Each single material have basic textures {BaseColor / MetalRoughnessAO / NormalMap}

alrighty then … hats off to you.

no fading or any other crossing visuals, just switching between materials. my question is about the performance when loading and unloading the materials and the textures!

Do you need to fade between them? Otherwise just use a set material node.

The loading isn’t something you need to bother yourself with, unless you have something like 1200+ static meshes on the screen at once, and you’re switching materials every .25 seconds :slight_smile: