Blend between 2 lightmaps

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is it possible to blend between two lightmaps? one lit, one unlit?
performance wise static lights are really cheap, but if you wanted to create lights that can be turned on/off you’d have to add all of them as stationary lights, correct?

is it possible to load 2 lightmaps into the level and switch between the two through blueprint/code?

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Hey HSbF6 -

Currently that is not possible in the engine as it stands now. You would have to code in the ability to run two separate light builds using a light channel system of some sort then store those in such a way as to call them for transition at runtime. This is a pretty heft rendering footprint to add in to the engine. And, yes you would need to have the lights as Stationary or Movable in order to turn them on and off at runtime, but even doing that would be more preformant than a whole separate rendering pass.

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Eric Ketchum

hello eric!
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thanks a lot for the info! good to know :slight_smile: