Bleeding and tangent bases error HELP !!!

I working 1.5 months but not fix this problem.
I use blender smart uv not work.
I use unwrealla nor work
I use flaitron not work
ı use 3ds max render to texture not work
ı use 3ds max uw map add and box map and face map not work
ı use 3ds max unwarp map not work
ı use 3ds max unwarp map select and flattern maping little work but but still shadow problem
ı use 3ds max pack uv not working
ı use 3ds max flattern and continue pack uv not working

I will crazy plaese help

Need Help update

I think you will need to explain exactly what ur issue is, and also show screenshots, as its not clear what the actual problem is by your initial post except uve used a lot of different programs.

I try xnormal
ı try everything but
3 problem every 1
1-tangent bases error
2-overleripng uv unwrap uv color visualition bla bla
3-and object shading bleeding shadows problems

example ı use in 3ds max unwrap and flattern mapping no tangent error but shadow problem continue this photo
another all ways go to tangent bases and overlap problem…

Are you trying to unwrap this whole car at once? if yes…it’s the problem. Break it into multiple parts and flatten every parts. In ue4 raise the lightmap resolution as needed.

yes I try car every part but parts not group or not attach parts is seperate I select all and unwrap and flattern or packs uv packs ,uv dont work ,flattern result is this photo.
I try 1 object select example select car bonnet and unwrap flattern but the same result

Hmm I forgot this this obje high poly about 40000 can be this?


up to date …