Blank project or VR Template?

I’ve been working for almost a year in a project using the VR template. Lately, (and even more so with the upgrade to 4.9) the built in functionality has been quite buggy (the Rift’s camera tracking volume bounds do not appear or appear offset, the pawn camera is sometimes tilted and crooked, the settings menu’s crosshair clips through planes, etc.).
The template was/is very useful to get a headstart, but I am starting to consider creating a blank project, importing everything and learn how to create the functionality the template provides by myself. I feel I will be more in control of what happens ‘behind the curtains’. I could try and solve the bugs, but unfortunately my knowledge is limited yet, and doing so may be more work than starting over.

So, considering I am quite new to UE4, some specific questions:

  1. Should I create a blank project and build the VR functionality myself? Is it a good idea, or should I stick to the template?
  2. Are there tutorials and documentation on how to do this? (I mean, step by step. I’ve already read UE4 VR documentation, but couldn’t find a detailed guide).
  3. Is everyone using the VR template? I guess not, so, how and where can I learn to implement the functionality myself (camera setting, comfort mode, tank mode, display of tracking volume, reseting and center camera)?

Any other suggestions and personal experiences are welcome.

I typically stick with the 3rd person template when I’m creating projects. Just import your headless character + character head. Set the head to be invisible to the player camera (so it should still cast shadows + reflections).

Ok, I’ve found these video tutorials for 4.6:
I doesn’t cover all but it looks like a good start. Never thought of using the 3rd person template, thanks.
Would be great to have more documentation and tutorials for VR stuff like this!

The VR template is a great starting place to understand VR and for comfortable default settings.

However, once you understand what’s going on in the template I think it’s best starting blank as it’s easier to create the character setup from scratch than modify his, esp if you don’t want some of the features that are built into the template such as comfort mode.

Side note, the VR Template demo scene will no longer work with gear VR unless you remove the mirror.

Yeah I created a answerhub ticket for this new bug in 4.9 effecting Android in general: Scene Capture 2D crashing Android apps in UE4.9 - UE4 AnswerHub

My project is using the Scene Capture 2D for a stripped down minimap and now it crashes instantly since switching to 4.9 - anyone know another way to do a simple minimap?