Blackmagic plugin (output unresolved issue)

**I’m using UE composure to compose an SDI video source coming from Blackmagic DeckLink then i run it with a CG layer into a compositing pass and output the comp using the plugin’s output for AR purpose.

The issue is that the output shows bad compression quality, one example you lose quality on reflective surfaces**
Several users experienced a the same problem and there is no discussion thread talking about this.

i’m using Blackmagic Design DeckLink Duo 2

on the left of this screenshot is the output result from blackmagic’s plugin in the Engine

i’m open to suggestions, if you have similar problem please share it here. my intent is to solve this and find out if its a technical issue or a plugin bug.

i also like to add that i posted this issue in the Q&A section hoping the post get more votes to reach the developer’s attention and get some preliminary answers regarding this issue. see the link below:…gin-issue.html

I was wondering if anyone has picked up on this issue recently. I would like to get some input

Hi Epic, well, is it really so difficult to answer a question, it’s bad for marketing this kind of behavior with the community.

not sure how to reply to this, i admit that i have difficulties solving this issue, its something that other are facing, and running to a wall unresolved. i moved on to other important issues at work, i might get back and try again pinging the community if there is one here.

There was no issue to begin with. Someone from epic made a video tutorial on how to control color conversion witch solved my delima unfortunately I wasn’t aware of that solution at the time. But now it works fine, there are still artifacts from video source using bm plugin but that’s due to the frame buffer.