BlackHole(TM) in the Flak Cannon Tutorial Room


Well the question says it all, there is a BlackHole™ in the Flak Cannon Tutorial Room. I have gotten there by using the flak cannon on the ground to get atop the cubes and then jumping to the get to the tope cube closest to the hole in the wall. Then I blasted the flak against the corner of the top cube closest to the hole and jumped, allowing me to get inside of the hole but not pass through it. This revealed to me the BlackHole™ through which one could shoot projectiles and they would just go through it with no sound effects being emitted and the projectile continuing on its projected path outside of sight.

P.S. Also please increase the image weight allowance from 5.2MB to something a bit higher (perhaps 8MB?) since I have another picture to better illustrate the position the bug was discovered in; however, the current website settings do not allow me to help you any further in regards to image-related evidence.

Yours truly,