Blackboard String Key not updating

Hey there,

I got a problem with the “string key” in my blackboard. It is not properly updating in the blackboard view.

Here my StringKey is set to “AAAAAA”. When I try to change this using my function provided below, it is not changing, BUT my IntKey DOES.

The funny thing is: When I try to print my StringKey to screen (in the behavior tree every second), it actually DOES give me the right string which I set previously with my function above, but not the key which is currently showing in the blackboard screen. So it is very hard to debug everything. Does anybody got the same problem? Have I found a bug? Currently using the latest build 4.13

EDIT: Forgot something: When I stop the level and click “Play” again, the StringKey does show the LAST value I have set with my function above. Even if I do not have pressed anything nor I set a default value for the key. It always has something in it, except I instantly stop and play it again.

EDIT2: Just recognized I had this problem already months ago and posted here, but it wasn’t answered back then. Thread is this one: Blackboard Value not updating correctly - AI - Unreal Engine Forums

I am seeing the same issue… on 4.14.

I can set the string/get the value and print it, and it says its updating, but like you said, it doesnt actually update until I stop the simulation/restart it. Then it gets the last value.

I tried to delete the Key from the Blackboard and re-add it. Then when I hit Play, it said N/A, I stopped/restarted, then it was working.

So yeah, something is clearly broken with Blackboard Key Strings it seems like…

Just switched to using Name instead of String, and that works! Not sure why, but that is fine. Works pretty much the same for what I need to do.

I was setting the AI_State key I made, to Search or Follow. So now all is working.