Blackboard key in BT service variables changes on project start

I am using a behavior tree with multiple services. In one problematic service, I use a custom enum and two boolean values from the blackboard and assign them to blackboard key selectors.
Having the editor open, I can set them as shown in the first picture. However, on project startup the BB Started reference suddenly uses “chased” instead of “started” (see second picture).

Both variables have the same default value (“false”) but different names and descriptions in the blackboard (see key list in third picture). The service is also used a second time in the behavior tree (same selector setup), with the same issue.




Fixed it by the following steps:

  1. Remove the chased and started bools from my blackboard
  2. restart the engine
  3. re-adding the bool values to the blackboard and set them in the behavior tree
  4. restart the engine
  5. remove Blackboard Key Selector for started from the Task
  6. Restart the engine
  7. Re-add the Blackboard Key Selector for started and set its value to started