Black Textures on one side of single plane geometry.

Have you guys figured out how to prevent this on single plane foliage? I enabled 2 faced pn everything and Lightmass on both sides and i still get this issue. Any suggestions?

There seems to be talk about this searching on google but no direct answer , Im using 4.26. Enables 2 sided geometry. Enabled lightmass on both sides. Even tried a suggestion of adding a node “TwoSidedSign” But nothing helps. Here is a simple node shot. Also I set ShadingModel to “Two sided Foliage”. But again… nothing has helped… ANy advice is appreciated.

Yes… this also happens with a .5 in the specs. ive gotten some success by dropping the lightmap res to around 4 or 8. but is there a better approach?

solved it. Shadow on Foliage Paint are Way too Dark — polycount