Black textures and missing foliage shadows with ray traced GPU lightmass on outdoor environment


I’ve just enabled GPU Lightmass and I’m really excited to start using this technology. That being said, I’m having an extremely tough time getting the lighting to mimic the original look that I had when I was just using rasterization instead of ray tracing.

So firstly, some of my meshes that have ray tracing shadows enabled are just black. I’m unsure why:

I can lessen this effect by increasing the light on my skylight, but then the rest of the scene gets needlessly bright. When I disable ray tracing on these meshes, the ray tracing shadows disappear but now the lighting looks correct:

Secondly, the shadows on foliage are completely missing.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this? I will also gladly pay anyone for some consulting on ray traced lighting on outdoor environments. Thanks for your time.

I’d love to get closer to the lighting that I had originally, but I’m having major issues with ray tracing.

This is extremely frustrating and I think I’m just going to end up reverting back to before GPU lightmass.