Black terrain?

When I assign a material to my terrain, it turns black. Why?

Try rebuild lightning first …
afterwards look here : https://answers.unrealengine/questions/70932/texturing-terrain-black-texture.html


Just to make sure, this is not when you are painting your terrain, Just apply a material?

Just applying a material

You have to apply your material to the terrain - open the paint tab of your landscape tool - now you should see the landscape layers - click onto the little + - create a layer - paint on your terrain :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem here. Saw a bunch of tutorials of creating a landscape material. Every video just applies the material on the terrain and it just POOF works. Its just black for me too…
When i bypass the layerBlend node and just do straight up texture lookup in the base color, it works.

What am i doing wrong?
(?v=hGC1FDJBEGs) the video

forgot to say, I dont want to paint anything, i want to use my splatmap that controls the texture placement

Do you have one or more layers on your terrain because when you assign too much layers to a terrain it turns black then you have to delete your last layer

But whats the point of “layers” if i cant layer? XD
All i have i simple layer between “grass” and “rock” if i skip the layerblend and just use a lerp then it works. And i do not want to fill layer because i want it to sample the texture from the Splatmap.

need a screenshot so we know what really happen

Shader: ://
Using layerblend nodes and a splatmap to seperate the rock from grass.(also blending a 3rd texture thats the furthest from the camera, its just a largscale terrain texture)

Editor: ://
If i dont use any layerinfo its black(tutorial video didnt use it and it was perfectly fine)
I have to use it and in order to get anything i need to paint it in(defeats the purpose of my splatmap)