Black spots after building

Hello to all,

I have a problem of visualization after the calculation of the lightmaps. After i do the building, my lightmaps are not correct… there are many black spots on my surfaces. In several cases i have solved just closing and restart the project. In other cases this procedure is not sufficient. More, other problem when these shapes appears is that the texture are not defined. I would to know if this is only an effect of a not completed building, due to some errors that appears into the Message Log. In the last building for example i had some Load Errors of some assets that were into the browser content but not into my level. Is it possible that this caused an interruption of the building. Furthermore, this effect appear also when i have a builded level and i import a new mesh.

Note: I use UE 4.13 version;

Thanks in advance,


If it sometimes shows correctly then that’s due to texture streaming–so it’s still loading the full resolution maps into memory and you just have to wait a bit for it to finish. If it’s always got splotches, either your lightmap UV’s have problems or you need to increase your lightmap resolution.