Black smoke become character?

I have no idea how this had been done, would like to have that in my games cutscenes… Using sequence.

My FX skill? Low level. Like very…

I just dig in Google and found this… But link is very out of dated and I want to learn that and maybe I able to do it myself.

Another good character dissolve effect is the Reaper character in Overwatch. When moving as wraith form, and when teleporting, it does a character dissolve that looks a lot crisper than that movie.

So, for this movie, I would expect to start with opaque smoke, not drawing the character, then start drawing the character with hard focus blur while there still is a lot of smoke, and then fade out the focus blur as the smoke clears.

For the Overwatch Wraith character, I would probably try to render the character to a separate texture, then use a warping-and-dissolving shader to place that texture as a billboard in the scene. (This could even be done with Z/depth billboards, if you have the performance budget.)

Billboard! Of course!
I forgot about history of games. Yeah I can do this with after effect :slight_smile: combined with unreal engine effect.