Black Sky and weird Foliage after migrating 5.1 Blank Project into a new 5.1 VR Project

Hey folks,
i’m currently working on my Bachelor Thesis and therefore i want to setup a few Landscapes in VR in UE 5.1 where it’s possible to look and wander around for a few meters and switch to different locations with the VR-Menu thats already in the VR Template, nothing complicated or special on the VR side.

I already made some landscapes earlier in another project and just wanted to migrate them with all the foliage and stuff that was in there.
So far so good, but my skylight is black and my foliage is somewhat half translucent.

I checked all the Settings between the two Projects and even imported the Settings from the working one but somehow it still won’t work and they look completely different.

The Foliage Material on both Projects look the same, but the Material Instance on the new Project looks wrong (

other Foliagetypes and Meshes seem to work, exept the one mentioned above.

If i turn this one here off, it seems to work, but only in the editor, on the trees it looks terrible and it only works where a sky is behind

Same with the sky, if i drop my “DirectionalLight”, “SkyLight”, “SkyAtmosphere” and “Exp.HeightFog” and PPV into the Scene the Sky still is black, although the Settings are completely the same as in the other Project.

this is what it looks like,
and so it should look like

And if you’re asking yourself why i don’t import the VR Template into my working Project.
I did, but then the whole VR-Thing won’t work properly.
One of my VR Controller Inputs won’t work from the get go and after i select something in the VR-Menu nothing works, not one Controller Input.

Thats a problem that can be recreated, it occurs every time i create a new fresh Project (not a VR Template) and then importing the VR-Template afterwards. Same issues.

Would be a blessing if there’s a solution to this :pray:
I’m really stuck r n and don’t really know how to continue.
I hope i provided enough information, if not i’m happy to give more if needed.

Thank you very much for your time

Best regards, Tim

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Have you been bale to fix this issue? I’m having the issue with the black sky aswell!

Thank you for your attention!