Black screen with trying to show render target using Oculus functionality ShowLoadingSplashScreen

I’m able to show a texture using the Oculus splash functionality, using these…

UOculusFunctionLibrary::AddLoadingSplashScreen(Cast((UTextureRenderTarget2D )RenderToTextureTarget)) UOculusFunctionLibrary::ShowLoadingSplashScreen();

So a loading screen can be displayed just fine.

And while I’m able to then display a dynamically rendered target with similar apis on PSVR, I’m seemingly not able to show texture from a render target with the Oculus functions. To attempt this I changed inputs from UTexture2D to UTexture and pass through a texture from the render target Cast((UTextureRenderTarget2D *)RenderToTextureTarget)… screen is black.

Do you have any advice or gotcha info that might help here please

Many thanks,