Black screen when the client join session

Im trying to implement the multiplayer lesson from an official Unreal Engine channel and stuck on this video

All connections and implementations are double checked

Must LAN connection works in editor mode with 2x and more players?

In my case server runs right and loads the lobby, but client gets the black screen when trying to join, second character doesnt spawn at server window too. When debuging, i found, what "ForEach" loop returns something like NULL(but i think - it is my wrong actions in debuging, because - look next ). But Get Players functions works, Max Players returns 4 (as setted on the server) BUT, current players returns 0, like no one connected, but THE SERVER CHARACTER DOES. So im really doesnt know what to do with that problem, havent second PC right now to test.

One more, breakpoint after the "Join Session" blueprint says - passed successful, but screen absolutely black, no debug text has been displayed

Resolved in another question by user “Blue man”

Problem was a misspelling in the “open level” blueprints attribute, were lesten instead of listen.