black screen when joining server

I’m running into an issue where the player sees only black when joining a server. I have determined that the client actually does connect to the server - the player can move around and interact with world objects, and ejecting from a play-in-editor session shows the view as it should be.
I’ve attached a screenshot of two renderdoc traces. The one on the left is from a local play session, which renders as expected. The one on the right is from a play session with dedicated server, which shows only the black screen. Everything up to CombineLUTs looks exactly the same between the sessions. But then the render is blown away in postprocessing with an all-black tonemap lookup table.
Doing showflags.tonemapper 0 or showflags.postprocessing 0 makes the display show up again, but the resulting visual effect is noticeably undesirable.
I don’t have any postprocess volumes in this scene. I don’t have any postprocess settings on the player’s camera.
What are some other things I can look for that would black out the tonemap?