Black Screen when deploying to Oculus

Hello people!

I have been experimenting with development on the Oculus Quest and UE4. So far it has been pretty straight forward, but I seem to be running into some strange rendering issues

I have been told that ‘Mobile HDR’ is basically the devil, and we want it off at all times on mobile platforms. Unfortunately with it turned off, my (very plain) map looks like hot trash.

However,as soon as I turn it on, my map becomes pitch black when I launch it on the device. I know that the map is correctly loaded because I can see debug text rendering in the headset, but the geometry itself is entirely black.

I am using the “ES3.1 preview” feature and it appears correctly in the editor there, just not in the headset.

Has anyone else encountered this?

If anyone is curious, or has experienced this issue the cause is “Mobile Multi-View”

Multi-View and Mobile HDR appear to be mutually exclusive features. If you want one, you cannot have the other.

Is it just Mobile Multi-View or also Instanced Stereo?