Black Screen Flickers

First thing I want to point out. Everything is 100% up to date. I did a complete wipe of Windows and reinstalled all updates.

UE4 is on Version 4.20.3

I am using a 1080i and that is on Version 416.34 which I downloaded this evening.

So, everytime I mouse over anything and I do mean anything my screen flickers black.Mouse off and back on, another Black flick. This happens for literally every single button in the Enginer Editor or even in the Project Manager.

I have the same issue, using a 1070ti.

I solved this issue by rolling back to nvidia drivers 399.24. I have a GTX 1080 though, so I am not sure if it changes things for you.

This fixed the issue for me! GTX 1070 Thank you @Jacobparise100