Black meshes when baking.

Hi Folks.

I will keep you up to date with an error I cant seam to fix.

I have a scene that I am currently working on and you can see that the model is black.

A short description :
Model consist of 2 UVs. One for texturing and one for Lightmap.

+I exported them with the same naming conventions.
+I import them into unreal. Disable Generate UV. ( overwrite any existing meshes allready created)
+I double check so they have 2 uvs in editor and that Index is set to 1.

I have a lot of Blue prints in my scene and so far nothing is missing or errors given.Even tried creating new materials and new blueprints.

But when I bake the scene and it still shows blackness?.
Any Idea?

Ps. And I also dont know what my wall has flipped atm :slight_smile:

I ran across a similar problem with a model I made in 3ds Max. I had scaled the object using the scale tool which does not reset the local scale of the object and to fix the problem I used the reset Xform tool available in the utility tab.