Black Materials During Android Preview

Greetings, everyone!
I’ve just started to learn UE4 on my own and been searching for the answer to this question, but couldn’t find any solution. Maybe you could help?

What’s wrong: I’m trying to convert project to Android, but after switching to Android preview I’ve got only black objects, no baked lightmaps at all. I have no idea what could be wrong.

How it should look (more or less, static lightning level was increased for speeding up purposes):

How it’s looking with Android preview, after compiling all shaders:

When I’ve tried mobile preview on other project (and another machine), it worked well.
These models were imported using Datasmith plugin, level geometry & objects, from 3ds Max & Corona. (Also, after some manipulations lightmap UV for the walls got broken, but that’s another problem).

Here how it’s looking in union rendering mode:

What can be wrong with this specific problem? Why can it be?

(I think it might be caused by the imported materials, but some shaders are from the starter assets, it should be looking good enough though it’s black too)

P.S. All light (SunSky system + rect lights) is static, as well as geometry.