Black Material

I imported my sweet character but for some reason she burned her face on the way from Maya to UE4!!
Can you help her to recover please?

I had the same problem with her lower body but I played with the texture coordinator and made the index 1 instead of 0 and it worked. but for the head nothing worked. I checked the normals in Maya and and they all face outside so no problem there. I have a nice UV. In Maya everything looks perfect but in UE4 things turns black!!


I got a questions for you:
-Why are there so many material elements?

For each material there will be an extra draw call. “I have a nice UV” is not really applying here…

Look in Maya if you open the UV editor in which uv channel you are working when you have the head selected. This one should corrospond to the one in the texcoord node inside the material editor.

And for the next time you are making a character, try making everything in one combined mesh and uv channel.

materials are there because this char was originally designed for an animation film. I’m testing a prototype with it for now. thank you for the tip but it’s for sure that I will make it one object with 1 UV map when it comes to a real project.
and by channels do you mean uv sets in Maya?


That set should be the same as the coordinate index in Unreal.

thank you :slight_smile: