Black material instnce


i got a strange behavoir with one of my material instances.

I rendered a branch texture to a image. now i want to apply it to a a material instance, sadly the instance stays black, but does recive the alphachannel.

Here the mastermaterial and the instance:

this is the material setup

This is the instance. the texture should be fine.

For reference, the grascluster is using the same Materialinstance and the texture was rendered exactly the same way

I am hoping for help :smiley:


Hi siebencorgie -

Taking a brief look at your Master Material and your Instance for the branch, it looks like your roughness map may be passing values you do not want into the Roughness of your leaves on the branch. Try setting a hard value of 1 in the Master Material and see if the branches rendering correctly.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

I did so, but they are still black. :frowning:

any other ideas?

Can you share the textures you are using?

shure :slight_smile:
Ill make her as attachment

Hi -

It’s the SpeedTreeColorVariation Node. The values here are hypersensitive so try using values between 0 and 1, going over 1 is okay but too much and you will get the black look again.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

The colorvariation node is at 0.03…
I deleted her, that is the result:

as you can see it becam better, but everything in the shdows is still black.

maybe its because of the mesh and the textures in combination, because other textures and meshes are working well with the baseshader…