Black lines on white planes?

This problem has persisted since I begun this project, which, due to many problems, I have not worked on and will continue to not be able to finish, but the problem that persists is that my project involves a long octagon which the player is in, made of many, many 1 polygon planes, which are made of a white, unlit material.

Whilst playing, weird black lines appear between the meshes that are perfectly next to eachother, I thought "Ok, maybe there are some mathmatical problems that make these differences in polygons make lines, so I tried increasing the size of the planes, so they overlapped, but I still see black lines?!

Sorry I can’t provide any images, but everytime I press screenshot, it always takes one when there aren’t any lines :frowning:

Could it be due to the ambient occlusion?

Ah no, sorry, I forgot to mention I have a post process in the scene which disables AO.
Also AO wouldnt do this.
But thanks for trying.

is it the grid?

I can’t help you with your problem but only one advice: don’t stress everything will be ok. Just play

This posting was 5 years ago.

Well when I search for ‘Draw Debug lines in screenshots/video’, this thread comes up as a “Related Question” on the R hand side, whadda ya do?