Black lines on mesh

Hello, guys. How can I fix this black lines on white cubes? They exist only on middle/big distance. If my character is close to this boxes They don’t exist.

I’ve tried a ton of things to fix this on the cubes with those materials (plain white that comes with starter content). I think it has to do with the UVs for the material and/or mesh. However, if you try a different material, it probably won’t get those lines. One way that partly works is in the mesh’s details panel, enable “Dynamic Inset Shadow”. It doesn’t allow that mesh’s shadow to be softer overall, the one that’s projected on the ground. But it removes those lines.

Are you using cascaded shadows?
If so, the shadow bias option may help.

It happens on all materials and from my understanding, its not UV related or anything, its a dynamic shadow problem (and it seems to be a mostly a cascaded shadow problem).