Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale?

Is Epic Having a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale? if so what time does it start

Be patient :slight_smile:

The Unreal Engine Marketplace Cyber Monday sale is happening on Monday November 27th from 12:00AM - 11:59pm ET. 1,300+ items are on sale with discounts ranging from 20% - 90% off.

Well there goes all of my paycheck :smiley:

haha for real

Thank you for the heads up :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that there’s been heads up given on the UE4 blog, twitter and generally any communication channels. :s
Can you please start spreading the word? a lot of people usually miss these sales. Most new users don’t even know such yearly sale events exist on UE4 Marketplace.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Same same, until we pick up a 3d modeler (somehow we ended up with 4 great programmers and zero modelers) I will be broke from placeholder assets from the store.

It is EXTREMELY worrying that I’m seeing people on the forums as well as in the discord that don’t know the sale is happening. Where exactly is Epic currently advertising the sale? Can you please relay word to Epic that they need to put out more advertising?

Our marketing and community teams will start promoting this in a few hours.

Here are the links on social in case y’all would like to help spread the word!




A bit late.

and all of mine

I missed last years because the prior notice was way too short, a few hours isn’t good enough, especially when we have things like work and timezones to factor in.

I noticed a few prices changing during the last week, is it because of a real-time $->€ exchange rate or people are adjusting their prices for the sale?

Waiting for the Promotion

Didn’t the discount start yet? I’m afraid I will miss it. I’m not used to ET time. Please post here when the discount starts.

Its sale time.

scoured the cyber monday deals… chose 115$ worth of things (too many)… took too long trimming my cart down… no more deals :frowning:

I had a ton of stuff ready to buy and I hit refresh at 11:00 central time and all was lost :frowning: