BLACK FIRE? PARTICLE? is this possible?

hey there!

I’m simply just trying to make pitch black fire . I’m trying to edit the content fire particle by going over to color over life but my issue is that when I set it to black it just goes invisible?

can someone tell me how I can change the fire color to black?


Well the Smokey effect means you need a tool to do this, Have you ever used Houdini engine or nvidia gameworks? Research into that stuff and i believe you’ll find what you need. Best of Luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure the fire is set to translucent and not Additive.

did you mean in the materials blend mode? I changed it to translucent and its still invisible . did you mean in a different spot?

You need to have the material set to translucent and in the opacity to plug painted white (The alpha) areas you want visible. It’s the simplest way to explain it.

If its still not working show us what you’ve got so far with a screenshot.