Black color in a reflection material.

I’ve no idea why I got these dark areas on my red material.

I tried to:

  • set to white the lightmass environment color
  • import the car in a completely empty project and simply add the material ***
  • place a skybox, a directional light and an editor sky sphere

*** The material is very simple. Color red, roughness 0 and metallic 0 or 1. Same problem. In the picture has a value of 1.

Any idea how to fix this?

Could be your UV on the car model? Either missing or just out of it?

UV is fine. No problems on Unity.

Looks like there is no reflection actor.

->Visual Effects → Sphere Reflection Capture

It’s not that one. Already tried that.

Did you activate Real time?

Try Unchecking “Lower Hemisphere is Black” in the skylight

What do you mean? How can I check?

It doesn’t work.

ShortCut is Ctrl-R while in the viewport. Or Clicking the little drop down menu on the top left in the active viewport next to “perspective”

Oh that one, yeah of course is activated. No difference for the black color btw. I suppose it’s an import problem… but I really don’t know what I’ve to do to avoid this… it’s so frustrating… :confused:

Yea, I def understand. What program are you exporting the mesh from? Are you getting any error messages when you import? The only thing I can think is that it has to be a Normal/Smoothing Group/Tangent problem.