Black Artifacts and jitter?

Hi there!

I was running my first quick test using Unreal and deploying to Oculus Quest.
For some reason I am getting black artifacts and jitter on all my test levels.

Here is a short Video I recorded to show this strange artifacts: :frowning:

What am I missing here and how could I fix that?

Thank you so much for any little help!
appreciate it!

I’ve had similar issues to that when meshes have been overlapping with each other or the floor. Do you get the same issue if you float cubes in the air?

Hey Marc!

thanks a lot. I was testing the intersection. And yes, when objects intersect, the black jitter-effect is very dominant.
But even after making sure, there is NO intersection at all - objects that are far in the distance are causing this weired jittery effect.

It almost seems it’s an AA problem.

  • Aren’t there any other options in the project settings to avoid this problem?
  • Any settings we need to adjust?
  • Like collision density settings?

I also realized a pretty bad anti-aliasing issue… it’s set to off at this point.
What are the recommended options to use anti-aliasing for VR?

  • FXAA
  • TemporalAA
  • MSAA

thanks a lot man, appreciate your input!

ohh… and I wanted to add something.

If you are using the GPU Lightmass - then you can actually bake GI, Reflection, Translucency and AO - and after baking you deploy it to VR?
Or did I misunderstand the GPU-Lightmass plugin?