Bizarre Lighting upon Rendering (Gameplay Video Included)

Hi there!

Experiencing a strange issue with lighting when rendering it in the game.

If you look at the background, you can see the lighting qualities constantly flicker in the background.

Video is here on Youtube as it obviously can’t be detected in a screenshot.

link text

Upon building there were no errors, Error Colouring was enabled.

Any suggestions on fixing this? Thanks in advance!

So this issue is still experienced after packaging and cooking.

Has anyone experienced this before in their project? it doesn’t have anything to do with the meshes but rather the lighting quality.

Hardware being used is all top-of-the-line with 16 RAM and Graphics Card is GeForce GTX 1080 so its not an issue on that end.

Any ideas/advice would be much appreciated!

Does your problem looks like this^

if Yes I’m still trying to figure that out.