Bitmap to Material - Scale Height

Hello I have a question concerning the parameter: “Scale” which is to be found under “Materials -> Default -> Edit -> Height”

I get wonderfull results pushing this Item up to the value 1. In the software Bitmap to Material

But when importing this texture with all the other maps like normal maps etc. into Unreal Engine it seems to be impossible to get back the same result even if I multiply the intensity of the normal map.

I went through the tutorial beneath:

But after having installed the plugin and after having loaded in the texture there is no chance to change this so important property.

Does anyone has a solution for this?

In short: How to get the same result in Unreal Engine like in Bitmap to Material?

Hopefully noone will send me back to the forum of Bitmap to Material, since someone there told me to ask here…

Thank you very much

Yeah I have found B2M created textures look different when in UE4 and I can’t work out why :confused: