Bitmap sequence to mesh

I’ve got a bitmap sequence baked out from my 3d application Cinema 4d and i’ve managed to convert the RGB colour values from a CSV array to a sequence of bitmap images using the PIL library in Python. I have also found a texture atlas script for python which creates an atlas from each bitmap. What i am having trouble with is loading this animated bitmap sequence into unreal and applying it to the mesh in the way i want. The first image labelled ‘fish’ is the texture atlas of the bitmap sequence. The second image ‘1’ is what i am getting when i apply the fish texture to the mesh using flipbook in unreal and the last image ‘2’ is what the fish should look like(this is in cinema 4d).
I would like a way to sample the bitmap colour values of each pixel and apply them to each mesh sequentially, so that each mesh has 1 colour, how would i go about doing this? Later on i would also like to say that for black pixels hide the mesh or make transparent.

You would need to take the plane meshes and combine them into a single object and then use planar UVW mapping across the entire mesh, so you would end up with the UV mapping aligns each plane with the pixel in the image.

do i combine them in unreal engine as one mesh, because i’ve exported a single mesh from cinema 4d with 686 polygons as fbx? i’m assuming i do the planar uvw mapping in unreal with the texture uv scaling? sorry beginner at unreal

They need to be one mesh in C4D and then you need to apply the planar UV mapping in C4D and export that to UE4