bismuth iridescent material?

im in the process of designing a room that has some bismuth furniture
but idk how to go about the material for it there is 2 diff textures i wanna do


that one were its mainly silver but theres the shine of another and

and this one thats a cluster of rainbow goodness

I was reading a post about this on the Corona Renderer forums, not sure if it will help you but it may give you some ideas.

Something like that? Make a texture with rainbow colors and use some kind of abstract normal map. Its not physical realistic but its concept is good enough to give you some ideas. :slight_smile:


where did you get that rainbow texture? i cant seem to find it

Looks like it was made by the poster.

You can make pretty much any kind of coloured gradient in Photoshop / GIMP.

works amazingly omg your a life saver

takes 2 seconds with gimp gradient tool