Bind material parameter in UMG widget to variable?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to bind a dynamic material instance parameter that I’m using in a widget to a variable?

I have a health bar UI (a custom radial one) and have a health_percentage parameter driving it, it’s all working just fine if I call it with an event dispatcher etc but it’s going to be constantly moving ever so slightly (health constantly degenerates over time) so I figured maybe it’s best to see if I can do a straight bind to a variable so it always updates… but binding a custom widget like this doesn’t give me that ‘bind’ pulldown in the designer UI - is there another way to do it?


I think I’ll move ahead as if this is not possible, but it’d still be appreciated to hear any thoughts… I’ll be able to change it later, and if it’s not possible without C++ changes that’d be useful to hear too.


Moved to Might be best if anyone sees this to answer in there. Thanks!