Bind groom to skeletal mesh not working fully

I am trying to use the “Bind groom to skeletal mesh” check box to skin an alembic groom to an animated skeletal mesh.

  • I have made the groom a child of my
    skeletal mesh
  • I have checked “Skin Cache” and unchecked “Tick animation on skeletal mesh” in the project settings.

When I check “Bind groom to skeletal mesh” on the groom briefly pops into the animated pose of the skeletal mesh but the immediately returns to bind pose.

When I click play the groom is somewhat bound to the skeletal mesh, just in a very broken way.
All on the hairs on the groom are animated, but they in now way line up with posed position of the animated model.

What is it that I am missing? or is this feature just a bit broken right now?

same problem here.

Having the same problem as well :frowning: