binaural sound for VR


I’ve been poking around trying to see if anyone is doing binaural sound in UE4. There are a few companies making plugins for Unity3D, but I haven’t been able to find anything for UE4. Has anyone heard anything? Maybe someone has hacked something together?


Myself and my Sound Engineer have been recording our sound using a binaural microphone, we have yet to get our work into UE4 but we were considering adding two Sound Que’s to the player pawn and splitting what we’ve recorded between the two. Its a bit hacky but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work, I’ll be experimenting with this over the coming weeks and I’ll be sure to let you know how this goes :slight_smile:

It would be nice to at least have the sound EQ’d when it’s behind the player (like sounds do) I was thinking of maybe baking in this animated EQing it into the source files. My project is on rails so if the player was mostly looking forward it would kind of work.

…maybe these guys will port their plugin over to ue4?

It certainly would be awesome having a plugin to do the heavy lifting. Once they’ve released their SDK for windows there’s a chance someone may do an integration of it though.

You can get the UE4 Wwise plugin from Audio Kinetic. They are working with GenAudio to provide 3d positional sound :slight_smile:

omni binaural

Crossfading multiple binaural cuts is tough to pull it off with one binaural mic, but that’s why Jeff created the Freespace Omni earlier this year. Definitely Google it. It’s our favorite toy. It has four binaural mics arranged in N/S/E/W orientation. We’ve been getting really sweet results with it. We’re about to launch a plugin to handle the crossfades on Unity. We’re hoping to deploy it to Unreal before too long as well. I can let you know when it’s ready.

Wwise seems like it only has UE4 versions available to certified Unreal devs. :confused:

@AJ - Look forward to checking it out!

You can apply (for free :wink: for a “limited commercial license”:

There are some limitations, but it’s available to anyone. I created a free acount, added my “project” on their website using the link above, and was approved in a few hours (on a Sunday!).

WWise UE4 integration on GitHub:

WWise developer community Q&A site:

Oh, that’s very nice! Thanks for pointing this out.

Looks like Two Big Ears now has Wwise binaural plugin so currently I’m just trying to integrate Wwise itself into Unreal which is proving a project in and of itself, then I will install the 3Dception plugin to Wwise. Fingers crossed. Has anyone else tried this with success? Unreal built in audio and Fmod didn’t have binaural plugins from what I found. I tried the 3Dception plugin for Unity and I must say it was pretty **** good sounding.