Billboards in VR get distorted with head movement


I am using the HillTree_02 tree from the KiteDemo.

I am using the HTC Vive.

While looking at the billboard-version of the tree through the Vive something weird happens:

If i tilt my head the billboard rotates with head, distorting its shape in a weird way. Also if I’m turning my head it seems to rotate in the z-axis, becoming thinner.

I tried creating a simple billboard material to test with, and it behaves in almost the same but not entirely similar way. It is rotating with my head but does not seem to distort the image.

Clues anyone?

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I’m experiencing the same thing in UE5 with the Quest 2. Rotating my head makes half the trees or so in front of me rotate like a flat billboard, like they’re twisting.
Is there any solution in project settings you found?
Thank you