Billboard contrast changing

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make some DnD style tokens, basically simple stands with an image of the creature, and found that some image processing is happening but I’m not sure why. I made a texture billboard and a material billboard and applied the same photo to both of them for comparison (art by Zavory for those interested). The photo was just a .jpg and the material was made from it. The photos change contrast based on whether the scene is “lit” or “unlit.” It even does this when I’ve deactivated all of the lighting, so I’m guessing it is an internal property to the billboard. The material billboard (left photo) changed in the editor based on the lighting and always had higher contrast in-game. The texture billboard (right photo) looks fine in the editor under both lighting conditions but then has a higher contrast the moment you hit play (identical to the material billboard when lit). I tried to play around with settings but I failed to find anything that would be causing it. I’m testing it on the default top-down character starting content. Ultimately it’s not a huge deal but I was wondering if anyone is familiar with what is going on?

I uploaded the images to imgur since I was having some resolution problems with the file size on the forums (hopefully links are allowed on the forums?): UE4 lighting changing billboard contrast - Album on Imgur