Bigscreen divided by multiple smaller tv's texture

Yo guys, i know this title is confusing, but i really dont know how to specify it.

So imagine a big screen which has a movie texture on it, now divide the big screen to like 12 smaller tvs aligned close to each other.
How would i archieve that those smaller tvs would play the texture in the same way the bigscreen would ?


like this, only that my texture is like stretched to all tvs.
Sry my englisch isnt good enough to explain it much better :<


this explains it better

If I understand correctly, you want a bunch of small tvs to play a video spread across them, like one large screen?

One of the simplest ways is to set up the TVs in your 3D program (like 3ds Max) and simply map all of the screens across 1 large UV space (using the dimensions of the media you’d like to play across them).

To do it entirely in UE4 with a preexisting TV asset… it’s doable but will require some math and blueprinting. Everything comes down to the way the texture is mapped onto the mesh.

Jesus christ, it was so simple and yet i was to dumb to do it :smiley:
Thank god i do all my 3d stuff myself.

Thanks man, appreciate it !