Big problems with replication and networking

Hi! I am making my game multiplayer system and I am a bit confused. I am not a pretty good programmer (I know some things tho), and I mainly focusing on doing stuff in Blueprints as much as I can. Right now, I found a plugin called Advanced Sessions or something like that. It is pretty neat as it exposes a looooot of Steam networking stuff on BPs. I have some problems tho, and maybe you can help me solve some of them. I’ll be ordering them based on importance starting from the most important one:

  1. In a custom lobby without matchmaking enabled, when I player joins, it doesnt execute the GameState things nor it has access to it. (In the widget I cast to the gamestate and it doesn’t return the player array with info for example). THIS Happens when opening a map too! (I am using P2P networking) I got my character and I can move, but the clients only see their character but can’t move or do anything!
  2. When I host a game, if I try to join it with the Steam Friends UI it says: The player is not currently on a game server. Same if I try to invite them through Steam UI, but if I invite them through my UI, he invite works.
  3. If I host a game eith the Create Advanced lobby node, no client can find it with find sessions node! Even if they are in the same LAN, country or different countries!

PS: I have my own AppID!

Thank you for reading and for the potential help :slight_smile:

EDIT: On number 1, only the clients don’t execute things! I, as a server, execute all the stuff.

rip. i am litteraly the only one without an answer :frowning:

How do you have your own Steam AppID? Was your project greenlit. If you didn’t get it directly from the Steam team the stuff you find online is lies. I used the Advance Sessions Plugin just to get my multiplayer to work as Unreals MP tutorial is broken (Not the Shooter) and there was zero response from the makers in areas where people ran into issues like video 11. If using Steam AppID: 480 it is to my knowledge that you have to test within the same region.

Also. I’m having my own problems with replication. The Client can see host pawn but the host can’t see the client pawn.

Because I actually paid the $100 fee. This is Steam DIRECT. Greenlight is dead right now.

My problem is the exact opposite. :confused:

Huh. Thought you still had to get approved. I’ll be more than happy to pay. Are you using the Advance Sessions plugin? It seems to work wonders where Unreal direct cannot.

Yeah, I am using Advanced Sessions. Looks like I figured out custom lobbies, but I still need to work on public ones that you join via the Steam matchmaking.

Sorry I haven’t gotten that far. I’m dealing with a Stutter issue. trying to get the internals working properly before I go back into widget hell.