Big difference between "Substance Painter" and Unreal engine 4

Hello !

I am currently testing Substance Painter, the result is impressive … on Substance Painter.
In fact, I textured my 3D model :
I love the rendering, but when I arrived on Unreal Engine 4, I get it
I feel that there is no relief and mesh shines too, less detailed.
If anyone knows how to fix this it would be very nice

ps: Here is my material

Your normal map is not set to use normal map compression

I set to miplevel but it doesn’t change… :frowning:

You need to open the normal map and set its compression to NormalMap, and set the texture group to WorldNormalMap

Ok thank you but now its too bright :frowning:

If it’s too bright then adjust your lighting, if the colors are too bright then go into your material and multiply your diffuse texture by a constant to make it darker. I would probably darken the Metallic texture, since the beam is more of a rust material which isn’t very metallic looking.

ok thank you very much i will post an image soon :stuck_out_tongue:

You need also to uncheck SRGB in your roughness map… otherwise you get wrong reflections…

And I believe the roughness map that Substance gives you also needs SRGB unchecked. That will make it less shiny I believe.

Make sure your compression settings of R and M maps are set to masks. In material editor change their sampler type to Masks and plug red channel of both texture into their respective types.

Hope this helps.

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maybe some one can give step by step instruction from painter to unreal with all things what need to do to get same result in both programs?

The upper screenshot looks like it doesn’t have any lighting, just some default shading.

Hi, try the Substance Painter to Substance Designer, Substance Designer to Unreal ( Plugins | Substance 3D ) tutorial video(s)?

There’s some nice series of tutorials by Allegorithmic, such as:

Metall / Roughness -> NO SRGB
Normal -> Normalmap
Base Color -> Default WITH SRGB

I had the same problem and fix with the Substance official tutorial.
In big Words.

1· create the materials in painter. Export channels in PBR metal way,
2· create a project in Designer and create a sbar with the textures created in Painter. apply a PBR Base Material and link everything, export as SBAR
3· import in UE4 using the substance plugin.


Hi there,
Is there any big difference between exporting the substance material to UE4 and using the substance plugin in UE4?
I m asking because if possible I like towould avoid to use external plugins.