Big Data VR Challenge

Anybody here interested in this challenge and would like to explain how they are tackling the problem? Since I personally don’t understand weird criteria or am eligible to join the challenge, I would like to find resources which people may know about that could help in getting data into Unreal. I find this subject fascinating but am clueless on where to get help. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

You may need to provide a little more information to what your are talking about. Like links to a website or generally a more informative post. Thanks. 8-}

Should have added this link. I just wanted to find out if there are links to examples where people are are using VR for data visualizations and maybe tutorials on how it is being done. In web, is used but in VR it could be more interactive and immersive. Think of excel data and charts but in VR and big data. Not sure I’m clear but will need to wait till I get my headset again.

The first thing that comes to mind is the Gear VR game Darknet by E McNeill.

You have server clusters that can be hijacked in which you have massive amounts of smaller data nodes within the server that can be further entered in which you hack the individual cells within the node in hopes to eventually take over the server which in the end causes a major world event.

The big data challange doesn’t seem to expand on what the actual problems are other then manipulating massive amounts of data so I would recommend checking out Darknet as it does a wonderful job of manipulating massive amounts of data.

I looked at the challenge and decided that it wasn’t for me. Perhaps its more for a team of indie/studio developers, but due to the time-frames involved, definitely not for the single devs. Not only that, but the request is so vague, I don’t know where to even begin. The only thing we have to go on is, “Make a VR demo that visualizes a bunch of numbers”.


The challenge does have an objective, however, it’s not defined which makes it hard for my personality type to participate.