Bierzerkers from Shield Break Studios - Live at Epic HQ

Shield Break Studios’ Vince Fennel calls in to discuss the Early Access release of Bierzerkers! Come hang out with us as Kreiner, Vince and I chat about the game and its development. There will be a match of Bierzerkers going and Hosun Lee and Palomino are joining the fight! Bring your steins and beards!


Thursday, July. 16 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Kreiner - Head of Licensing, America, Epic Games - @joekreiner](

Edit: The YouTube archive is now available here](Bierzerkers! | Developer Interview | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

Looking forward to it!

I must admit, I’m a bit baffled by the name of the game?

Berserker being a Viking warrior, they like beer, bier is the Germanic spelling. Is there a level of confusion beyond that?

Yeah, Vikings aren’t Germanic and neither is the game; bier means ‘bees’ in most Scandinavian languages…

Maybe it’s really meta and the whole game revolves around a honey-as-currency mechanic?

Vikings were germanic and so is the present day nordic countries (except Finland).

But sure, the modern German word Bier has no real connection to Vikings.

Thanks everybody for coming out! We had a great time and I learned that I love this game, but am not any good at playing it! :wink:

Hey I’m a forum noob but if you want me to start a thread somewhere regarding some of the lighting questions in the stream let me know - happy to do it but want to make sure it gets to the correct audience.

I’m really interested in seeing the lighting process, I’m working on a non-PBR type of look and it’s cool seeing what’s possible.