Bias Exposure For Android


My game was way too dark, I had to add some brightness, I found this post prossec that works on android, Bias Exposure, I can set the default value, BUT I would like to change it in my umg Options.

I have the umg ready of course, just can’t find a way to modify the post process for Bias Exposure, i have post process in my two maps, by default : min/max brightness set to 1 and Bias Exposure set to 0.

Need to find a node ? or some way to modify this in umg!

Little bump in case someone would have an answer, I tried everything, help would be nice ^^!
thank you.

I tried using the r.EyeAdaptationQuality Command, but I can’t seem to set it up, nothing changes, i’m out of ideas ^^!

… I got it to work on my own :D!

If ANYONE wants to : Have brightness option in android this is how:

ps: the function on clicked in umg bp is just to make it so you can only press once, no need to add this for it to work

Image 1: Level Blueprint (where You Modify Any Post process you want)
Image 2: Umg Widget (Where you set the bool)