Bi-Fold Door Animation


I imported a set of animated bi-fold doors from Blender to UE4. I would like to set this up so that when I walk up to the pre-animated doors, the doors open and close with a trigger volume. I can do this fine with a static mesh. But I am not sure how to integrate the pre-animated doors into the blueprint.

Here is the animation that I created.

Any advice would be great.



Create a blueprint by right clicking on your static mesh. In the viewport, select add component, box collision. (you could use capsule/sphere if you want.) In the event graph, right click on your collision object, and under add event, select OnBeginComponentOverlap and OnEndComponentOverlap (or something along those lines) Then have those nodes fire off to play your animation, with OnBeginComponentOverlap playing it forward and OnEndComponentOverlap playing it backwards. You might have to drag off of your static mesh to get the animation play nodes, I don’t know for sure, I haven’t made animations outside of UE4 before.

This tutorial may help.