Beyond Architecture - Projects

Hello, everyone.

I’ve decided to create this thread to post all my work and progress, as well as answer any questions anyone might have. Criticism you may have to help improve my work is welcome.

Skype: Beyond Architecture

This is a old project started back in August 2016, took 4 months to finish. The house was designed by Beyond Architecture.

It runs at 20-30 FPS at 4k 200 screen percentage settings maxed out in all areas with a TITAN X Pascal.

Lightmass settings are .1 100 30 1

oooh nice! I really liked the natural lighting setup you got

Looks gorgeous. Any tips on how you got the carpet material to look so nice?

Looks really nice. Very consistent as well. A lot of attention to little details. (Except those 3 lights in the bathroom over the mirror which should have some emissive). I like your lighting, very realistic. I like this blueish glow coming from the windows combined with the slight yellow artificial lights.

Lighting is absolutely amazing…great work!

How long do you need to put all this together? Are these bought assets or modeled all by yourself?

Please put this on the marketplace ������


Thank you!

Thanks, for carpet material I used Parallax Occlusion Mapping with a height map and normal map.

Thanks, Glad someone noticed the amount of detail in this scene, consistency was priority as well. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that Until I had finished the project there are a few other cases of that in this scene aswell, newer scenes are more perfected. Most of my learning was in this project.

Thank you, appreciate it!

4 months including learning Unreal engine, designing the house in AutoCAD and learning Revit. A lot of the models were done by me in 3ds max but I also used Evermotion and 3dsky models when necessary. If I have something in my database that already matches well in a scene and goes together perfectly I use it otherwise if I cant find what I am looking for I model it myself, best workflow I find.

Sorry I don’t plan on releasing anything to the marketplace, perhaps some tutorials on YouTube in the future.

Amazing work! Best Exterior/Interior lighting yet, the detail and architecture is great aswell!

Thanks, more detailed and better architecture in unreal to come.

Another old project I did for a client back in October 2016 a simple little kitchen renovation, hope you enjoy!

You should try out the new Volumetric Fog feature in 4.16

These are old projects made in 4.11 and 4.12 im actually working on a Interior/Exterior Contemporary house right now in 4.16 messing with the new volumetric fog, its great so far. Perhaps when my foliage is where I want it (its much better then in these projects) I will upload a preview.

What lighting set up are you using here in terms of static vs stationary skylight and directional? Looks superb

Thanks. For both of these projects the lighting is built static and then after its built i change the grass and directional light to movable, dense grass is really hard to build static, something i am still working on.

As in, both directional light and skylight are set to static, not stationary?

Correct, stationary would be unnecessary and cause fps drops.

Brilliant, thank you. Explains the fantastic GI + contact shadows!

Plz show your lighting setup. :{