Better performance of heavy rain

Hello guys,

I’ve been wondering which would be the best approach to make heavy rain in my game, and getting better performance results (it’s low poly game if it matters).

First method: putting 10 water drops on single texture (1).
Second method: every sprite is single water drop and emitter spits 10 times more particles (2).

For now I chose the first method, but looking at a shader complexity view I’m not so sure if it was good decision (lots of transparency stacking over). What do you guys think?

dont even need to think.
10x more particles over heavy overdraw of translucent textures.
you basically only need some rain around the player, no need to fill a whole environment with it.
Gamedev is smoke and mirrors, so as long as the player thinks rain is everywhere, your job is done.

Yeah, I know that emitter have to cover only the screen (on second picture rectangle made by 4 boxes is the screen area), but I was bit afraid of using too much particles. I thought it is better to give less of big sprites than a lot of small ones. Well… wrong! Still much to learn :wink: Thanks!

EDIT: And I know now why I did chose the first (bad) method. I couldn’t emit more than a 1000 particles (that’s why every sprite contained 10 drips). Just changed the emitter to GPU and works great.