Better Connection/Less Lag for Virtual Camera 2.0 on Ipad. Any solutions?

Hey everyone! New to the forums here. I’ve been playing around with unreal for a bit. I finally got a good set up going here with a facial mocap rig and my Perception Neuron suit. Last thing I have is a virtual camera set up.

I’m using a 2018 9.7” iPad. And while it does work, the lag is terrible, and a lot of times Unreal Remote ends up crashing anyway. It’s practically unusable.

Wondering if anyone has found their own solution for this? I tried connecting my iPad to a charging cable to no avail, maybe connecting it to an ethernet cable? I don’t know if it’s an ipad performance issue, or a connection issue, or both. I haven’t found any real topic on ways to improve the virtual camera performance on the iPad, so I thought I’d chime in and ask!

Connecting iPhone or iPad to via Wifi will always have more lag than ethernet. Applies to face capture and/or vcam data. Also dependent on how complex your scene is and fps of rendering.

Found this on another post about VCam ipad issues.

Kinda stops me from wanting to get an ethernet adapter and try it out after reading that. Plus I’m leaning more towards it being an ipad performance issue than an ethernet issue considering it gets pretty hot on the back an crashes after a couple minutes of use. And this scene is just the default scene withe a Tpose character out of CC3.

Would love to hear any other suggestions, or if anyone has just had better luck at all. I don’t see many topics on this issue besides the one above, so maybe people have just waved this off? Or are having better success?

Set the Display resolution to 8 bits in project settings and reduce the resolution streaming to your iPad. Works with iPhone so should work with iPad.
Note that Vive will always be faster since it doesn’t have to go through multiple processes and communication and it’s not streaming images.

I’ve done everything on the docs already. It looks like it’ll take a Vive to really be able to get it to work smoothly.